Education / University Collaboration



  • Motivation: University Perspective

We are faced with several challenges in the University environment when it comes to carrying out collaborative research with industries.

  • Often academics are engaged in academic or pure research with less emphasis on applied research.Hence the academicians tend to become too conceptual and too far removed from the real problems that the industry might be facing.
  • Hence, even in cases where an industry or a group feels the need for research, they may not look up to a technology institution as far as fulfilment of applied research is concerned.
  • Students are faced with a “big gap” between academic exposure and industry requirements. This often leads to “vicious circle” of lack of interest and lack of confidence.
  • When an industry offers projects to students, many a times, it is found that “students do not possess required skills / have not gone through series of evolutionary mini projects and projects to build those skills which would prepare them to take up assignments of required magnitude”.

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