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  • Centre of Excellence in Smart Grid

Smart Grid - Power Distribution with Distributed renewable resources is an excellent opportunity as well as a complex challenge for evolving Industry-University Collaboration and carrying out collaborative research.


Recognizing this, iEnergy has spearheaded the Industry-University collaboration by setting up “Centre of Excellence in Smart Grid” at several prestigious universities across India.


Rapidly growing economies require energy in a sustainable manner.


iEnergy = University” Relationships

We are now at a critical phase of reforms in the Energy and Power sectors in India and worldwide. However, these reforms come with their own challenges and problems – lack of skilled workforce with Smart Grid knowledge, lack of Smart Grid training and campus, Insufficent ROI, lack of  Smart-Grid Research framework – to name a few. At the same time, Smart Grid and related sectors offer tremendous opportunities for technology evolution and business opportunities. Recognizing this, iEnergy has spear-headed the Industry-University collaboration by setting up “Centre of Excellence” at several prestigious universities in India such as ITM (Gwalior), Trident (Bhubaneshwar) and Chitkara (Chandigarh). iEnegry is working with several other universities across India to establish similar centre of excellence centres. Through this, iEnergy is facilitating introduction & evolution of of state of the art technologies in power sector such as HCPV Lab, Smart-Grid Lab and Smart-Grid Research Centres. The CoE also incorporates a HCPV Incubation centre in collaboration with iEnergy catering to the local market needs of HCPV. The Incubation centre(s) acts as a business hub elevating the university campus to inculcate a business culture among the students. The CoE has also enabled the university to create several job opportunities for aspiring students. The theme of the Centre of Excellence has inspired many universities to come forward to setup these CoEs in collaboration with iEnergy

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