Solar services

To comprehensively address the challenges of investors and owners of solar power plants, iEnergy offers “Value Services” to existing and upcoming Solar Power plants.


  • For existing Solar Plants

Meeting performance targets and improving yield in practical conditions at site is of critical importance to the investors of solar plants. iEnergy offers techno-commercial services to existing captive solar plants.

Comprehensive Solar Plant Audit


Technical Audit: Technical audit of existing plant covering solar panels, inverters, installation and Balance of Systems constituting

  • Sample panel conditions, panel/module efficiency, site Irradiance/V/I/P characteristics, MPP deviation, DC circuit power losses, Inverter power losses, AC circuit power losses, Transformer characteristics and power losses, synchronizer analysis - P/Q/f analysis and reactive power requirement analysis.
  • Equipment health audit – equipment condition, aging degradation analysis, performance/temperature degradation analysis and characteristics
  • Installation – tilt and orientation, tracker installation (if present), shadowing effects
  • Meters and measurement system, SCADA system, data logging system, online monitoring, reports system
  • Operation and Maintenance related issues
  • Any other power losses


Commercial Audit: Commercial audit of existing plant covers

  • financial model validation
  • guarantee statements and warranties
  • regulatory, reactive power and wheeling charges
  • tariff rates, past generation data vs planned, receivables
  • policy audit and schemes
  • carbon audit
  • REC audit

Yield Improvement Recommendations

Based on the findings of “Comprehensive Solar Plant Audit”, iEnergy would provide techno-commercial recommendations to improve the yield and profitability of the solar plant. Cost-Benefit-Analysis of recommendations and the potential benefits would also be provided.


iEnergy can also take up responsibilities to carry out recommended work to achieve project objectives.


Restructuring Solar Plants

In some extreme cases recommendations could also involve partial or stage-wise restructuring of plants. If opted, iEnergy can also bring investors to invest into “plant restructuring” and recover their investments from the “financial gains of plant restructuring”.


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