• Multi-junction Super Concentrated Photovoltaics

Benefits of this Technology to you:

  • Use Lesser Land: You can generate more energy using lesser land space. You would require around 1.5 acres per MW compared to that of typical 5 to 6 acres per MW of conventional PV.
  • Generate More: Higher efficiencies and higher sensitivity empowers you to generate more energy throughout the day, dawn, dusk and the whole Year.
  • Better ROI: Achieve better and faster Return on Investment. In almost half the time compared to conventional PV.

Other Applications:

  • Have custom sizing: This technology is highly modular and is more amenable to have different custom sizes based on field requirements.
  • Ideal for Rooftops: You can produce more than 350 W per square meter aperture area. This would help operators to install these systems on rooftops and generate at least 3 times more energy than what would have been possible using conventional PV.
  • Industrial Installations: You can install modular designs at the points of need in Industry making it very attractive for industrial installations.
  • Rural Installations: Project operators can plan for independent, small installations to bring in energy sustainability at rural level.
  • Distributed Energy Resources: Ideal system for distributed energy injection in Distribution grid.


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iEnergy is offering a new and revolutionary product based on Multi-junction high concentrated photo voltaics.


We employ to-be-patented technologies to build refraction based multi-junction high concentration solar panels with very promising efficiency and energy yields creating attractive RoI (returns on investments) for solar plant investors.


Products are offered in several capacities starting from 240 Wp to 4k Wp.


Key Highlights:

  • Best Module efficiencies in excess of 35% in the Industry
  • Better Quantum Efficiency with higher sensitivity to spectral bands leading to more use of the sun spectrum during day, dawn and dusk. High performance at low irradiance levels.
  • Innovative temperature and efficiency regulated design. Coolest in the market; Lesser performance degradation due to increase in operating temperature. Higher delivered efficiency in practical conditions.
  • Light weight design compared to market.
  • Highly efficient design for the entire life cycle – for manufacturing, for test, for in-line calibration, for rapid deployment & field assembly, for field testing, for field calibration, field maintenance and operation.

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