Our approach

Energy permeates all our lives. Rapidly growing economies require energy in a sustainable manner.  Both efficient energy production and efficient energy delivery have become critical for the new economy.


Conventional technologies, approaches, mindsets and practices are inflicting huge economic losses at the consumer/institution/industry/utility levels and causing large fiscal deficits at the national level.


Governments across the Globe and India in particular have taken up agenda of reformation and agenda of clean energy in this sector.


iEnergy is committed to contribute to “efficient, green, sustainable” energy and environment initiatives and improved energy delivery efficiencies further unleashing new models and new degrees of economics in this sector.


iEnergy is committed for enabling transformation from an “archaic grid” state towards building more efficient, green, sustainable energy eco-space - “smart grid” vision.


Unlike typical approaches, iEnergy embarks on an Approach which is based on

  • comprehensive framework keeping a bigger picture and longer lifecycle in mind
  • innovative ideas and practices to effectively face the challenges of modernization and smart grid initiatives
  • standards based approach to promote inter-operability of products from multiple vendors across the globe and promote standard platforms
  • evolutionary, practical, “reap as you go” approach to achieve Return on Investment (ROI) for stake holders to promote these initiatives from stage to stage


The approach targeted at promotion of building comprehensive eco-space is based on a spiral model of evolutionary multi-stage activities involving

  • Innovating and instituting new effective approaches with regional “Centres of Excellence in Smart grid” in partnership with Universities
  • Bringing some of the best products and technologies
  • Development of few key products and technologies
  • Integrating products and technologies to achieve field objectives
  • Creation of Technology Pilots and experiment sites for technology adoption to Indian sites to measure and demonstrate Return on Investments (ROI)
  • Development of new skills and training talent required for this new sector
  • Building new Business models and financial models
  • Promotion of businesses and entrepreneurs to address emerging opportunities and projectsin this new economy

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