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  • Poor Power Quality & Harmonics in Industrial Systems

Power quality has become a big concern for utilities and industries.Harmonics in Industrial systems is becoming a critical problem, which might be due to external sources or internal sources.


External sources of disturbances could be factors such as outages, sags and spikes or disturbances due to non-linear loads in lines and vicinity.


Internal sources of disturbances mainly from non-linear loads such as

  • solid-state circuit equipment, converters, inverters, electronic-ballast, lifts, Uninterrupted Power Supplies, SMPS, computer equipment, LAN, networks, etc.
  • Adjustable speed drives, DC Drives, Variable frequency drives,
  • arc welders,  power factor capacitors and inductive loads such as motors, transformers, and lighting ballast solenoids, etc.
  • fluorescent lamps, CFLs, and other devices that use power electronics such as switch-mode power supplies, television sets, light dimmers, and adjustable-speed drives

Traditionally, many industries are installing capacitors to improve power factor. But if resultant resonance frequency coincides with any harmonic current or voltage, then theharmonic current or voltage will be amplified, whichcan lead to damage of some network components.

  • Problems observed in Industries
  • Energy losses

iEnergy’s offerings:


Integrated Harmonic Audit and Power Quality Improvement Programs

iEnergy offers Harmonic Audit and Power Quality Recommendation Services to industries.


As a gut figure, if an industry has more than 15% non-linear load, then Harmonic Audit should be performed before applying Power Quality (PQ) solutions.


These customized power quality solutions would offer several tangible and intangible benefits to an industry.

  • Reduced energy (kWh) usage:
  • Reactive power savings (kVAR)
  • Apparent power savings (kVA)
  • Improved PF & voltage quality.
  • Reduction in taxes
  • Reduction in I2R losses in conductors
  • Reduction in equipment losses (motors, transformers, switchyard )
  • Operating cost reduction
  • Increased electrical equipment life.
  • Improved performance of equipment
  • Protection of sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Reduced maintenance, decrease consumption of spare parts
  • Better capacity utilization of transformer & generator
  • Less Heating ventilation & Air conditioning (HVAC) system


For details, please write to: info@ienergy.net.in

In addition to the increased energy usage, poor power quality in industries can lead to other problems such as

  • Power system apparatus overheating and cascading problems;
  1. transformer gets overheated; LT distribution panel / switchgears and bus bars get heated; to keep them cool, installations may have to spend on extrafans or coolers or air conditioning
  2. bursting of PF capacitors due to excessive harmonics
  3. Over correction of PF leading to increase of LT voltage which in turn damages sensitive components of VFD used in machineries
  1. Untimely tripping of protection devices
  2. Unbalanced currents lead to torque pulsations, increased vibrations and mechanical stresses, increased losses resulting in lower efficiency, and motor overheating, which reduces winding insulation life.
  3. frequent malfunction of equipment
  4. reduced efficiency, and life of most connected loads/equipment

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