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  • Current Scenario in Indian Power Sector

Indian power sector is undergoing reformation. RAPDRP programs are going on. Distribution sector is getting privatized. However, here are our observations.

Higher T&D losses and lower equipment life

Commercial losses are being addressed. But we observe a large absence of comprehensive technical approach.For example, at distribution level, network is highly unbalanced. This leads to overloading of transformer windings, overheating equipment, generation of zero sequence currents and significant increases in the losses in Distribution network.

Unaccounted system anomalies in Distribution

  • Systems exhibit islanding in voltage and frequency there by reducing efficiency further. Frequency disturbances are quite common and go unnoticed on account of lack of PMUs.
  • Current systems are unable to report real-time Q requirements. This leads to a situation where the appropriate levels of the reactive power cannot be injected at a specific time.
  • Current systems are unable to perform harmonic measurements in real time.
  • DISCOMs and units inter-account based on kWh. Other dynamic parameters are generally ignored.  SLAs need to be more reflective of the true scenario in the distribution network.
  • Need for new approach

Figure 1: Imbalanced - star connected Load

Figure 2 : Imbalanced load leading to Zero sequence currents

iEnergy’s offerings in SmartGrid Solutions:


iEnergy has expertise in many aspects of power systems engineering. iEnergy takes up multi-disciplinary approach including

  • new measurement and state estimation approaches
  • transient and harmonic analysis of distribution network
  • dynamic optimization of  P, Q and V in real time
  • power system stabilization studies and harmonic studies


iEnergy proposes to orchestrate a multi-pronged strategy combining the most advanced control and estimation algorithms combined with advanced hardware to

  • reduce reactive power related losses
  • mitigate the level of imbalance in distribution transformers
  • prevent islanding in frequency and voltage
  • monitor and control the level of reactive power demand throughout the network
  • control frequency and voltage at distribution feeders


iEnergy proposes to work closely with utilities and create “Pilots” in one/multiple stagesbased on

  • evolving, practical, “reap as you go”integratable multi-stage approach to demonstratereturnsto stake holders from stage to stage
  • comprehensive technical framework keeping a bigger picture and longer lifecycle of utility in mind
  • standards based approach to promote inter-operability of products from multiple vendors across the globe and promote standard platforms


For details, please write to:

“Top-down vs Bottom-Up Approach”: Traditional power systems approach focused on “top-down” generation-transmission-distribution approach.

The traditional definitions of active power, reactive power, active current, reactive current, power factor, etc., are based on the average concept for both single-phase and three-phase balanced systems with zero harmonics.


However, practical distribution networks are three phase systems which are highly unbalanced, with considerably distorted currents and voltages giving rise to zero sequence currents and voltages.


In case of delta connected transformers due to imbalanced zero sequence currents are generated and they flow around in the windings.


Presence of distributed generation resources further complicates the scenario where in traditional approach has serious limitations.


New approach should enable us to calculate and decompose all components, such as fundamental active/reactive power and current, harmonic current, etc.  It should enable us to easily analyze reactive power and/or harmonic compensation systems for a three-phase distorted power system with and without zero-sequence components in the source voltage and/or load current.


Many researchers have proposed approaches to deal with three-phase systems with unbalanced and distorted currents and voltages.

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