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  • Motivation: Industry Perspective

In India, in general, industries have not felt a dire need for research. Conventionally, they have depended on the knowledge that existed in the public domain which was sufficient for the business the company was engaged in.

However, recently, India is undergoing massive reformation in terms of few large scale systems (power distribution, renewable /power generation, water distribution, waste management, bio-tech, smart city etc. evolving into Social Self Governance) being put in the hands of private players, with the expectation that private players would bring in technical and managerial efficiencies.

However, generally, players are falling short of expectations since technology (subject) / systemic knowledge (internal eyes) required for these large scale systems has not evolved in the eco-space of private players.

More often, managerial prudence drives them to address business based on only symptomatic or surface level objects and metrics, leaving unaddressed inherent system characteristics and resultant anomalies aside leading to loss of system controllability.

Hence there is a dire need for industries to participate into Industry-University collaborative research.

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